15 Reasons Why I’m Grateful for Dogs!


Hobo with txt

They love unconditionally

Walkies in the rain

Walkies in the rain…

They get us moving.

They get us outside no matter the weather

They lead us to be creative.

They are always ready to comfort

They show us how to age gracefully

They bear pain stoically

They show us how to be compassionate

They understand empathy

They appreciate food and shelter

They tolerate and forgive humans



They remind us to laugh

They show us how to cry

They engage us in fun!

They respond kindly to kindness.
In a lifetime of 71+ years, I have had many teachers. I laud and appreciate all of them.
Today, Thanksgiving 2014, I give thanks to all the dogs in my life, past and present who have taught me.
What has a dog taught you?

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