Testimonials for Jude!

avatarYou were absolutely helpful to Chiron & I. You had suggestions and insights that were very helpful. I haven’t had a puppy in 15 years so I
had forgotten a lot. Thanks so much for your help.

Nancy R., Roberts Creek, BC
avatar…Rosebud is doing great – very much improved with nipping too since the kids are much more in tune with and confident in “off” etc. – they
are much more interactive with Rosebud on a very positive level and she is listening to them :) so thank you for that.

Anthea H., Gibsons, BC
avatarThanks again for the puppy play and train sessions. I thought they were wonderful and will recommend you to anyone I meet with a puppy or thinking of a puppy.

Diedra G., Roberts Creek, BC
avatar(The Puppy Nanny was) helpful in updating my knowledge and helping to reinforce my knowledge. Showing me that puppies can learn VERY quickly rather than waiting until they are older.

Ann M., Wilson Creek, BC
avatar(The Puppy Nanny) reminded me to be
consistent and stick with it.

Tracey B., Gibsons, BC
avatar(The Puppy Nanny)
helped me start Jack’s training in a simple and easy way,
that made the experience enjoyable for me and the pup:)

Kristen D., Sechelt, BC
avatarYou trained ME
and that is more important
than training my dog.

Krystyna S., Gibsons, BC
avatar(The Puppy Nanny)
helped with training the trainer
(vs.the dog).

Cristie D., Roberts Creek, BC
avatarAfter a 1 hour session to correct a
house-soiling problem:
Best $50.00 I’ve spent in a long time.

Bonnie G., Sechelt, BC
avatarWith your help,
SnowBall stopped nipping and got better at not
biting on furniture.

Carol Y. (age 11), West Vancouver, BC
avatar(The Puppy Nanny)…
identified my weaknesses
in training Emmie.

Deb M., Gibsons, BC
avatar(Jude helped me with)…
proper wording,
commands and enthusiasm.

Sheila P., Gibsons, BC
avatarThis was my first experience with a dog and you provided wonderful support. With clear, concise instructions, you taught me dog language, dog commands and dog psychology. You gave me-and this is a big one-the confidence I needed to handle my dog. You have a wonderful way of interacting with animals and with people and you are always a joy to be around.

Lucy B., Roberts Creek, BC