Training Your Puppy Not to Jump On People

I had no idea how selfish I was being when other people’s dogs would jump on me and I’d say, “Oh, that’s OK. I don’t mind.” Wow! How thoughtless and inconsiderate! What about big dogs, small people, wet dogs, muddy dogs, the elderly or fearful people? Is jumping on them OK too? I think NOT! I apologize to anyone whose dog training I interfered with. My love and enthusiasm for […] Read more »

Puppy Socialization…Every ‘Thing’ Is New To A Puppy

I started writing this “things” post by making a list of things to expose Bozo to. It didn’t take me long to realize that the list is almost endless. Whatever you can dream up, is a ‘thing’ for Bozo. You just need to remember that absolutely everything is new to him. Then just stand in any room in your home and see, smell and hear the things in it as […] Read more »