“My Puppy Doesn’t Come When She’s Called If She’s Been Bad.”

"Guinness, 'look'!"

This was said to me recently by a well-intentioned new puppy owner. I guess she noticed the astonished look on my face when I said, “Of course she doesn’t. If you need to reprimand or chastise your puppy, it’s up to you to go to her.” Then I asked her to imagine (or remember) her own reaction when she had transgressed in some teen age way and her Mother called […] Read more »

“I Love My Dog”…Beyond Words

Puppy training for Maggie

    As you can probably imagine, I am always on the lookout for puppies and/or dogs. Sometimes because I want to meet them. Sometimes just to observe. While waiting to cross the street the other day in St John’s, I noticed a Jeep-type vehicle with two young woman in it and a largish dog between them. They were waiting for the light to change and although I could not […] Read more »

Why Training Puppies is Important

Do we really need to bother training puppies? If we just love them, they’ll grow up to be “good dogs”, won’t they? The truth is we’re training puppies whether we mean to or not. Puppies, and later, dogs, read our body language and actions extremely well and they do it all the time. That’s the canine method of communication. If you haven’t said a word and your dog goes into […] Read more »