Train Your Puppy To Stay on Your Property

“How do I keep my puppy on my property? My yard isn’t fenced.” Teaching a puppy anything is easy using the lure/reward method. That is using the lure to indicate the required action and rewarding the pup when he complies. We start with using food and within 12 – 20 repetitions we switch to a toy or activity. The preliminary step to boundary training is a solid sit/stay. You will […] Read more »

Training Your Puppy To Stay Until You Release Him

Good on you! Now you have a puppy who will ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stand’ on request. Excellent! Many times, though, we want Bozo to ‘stay’ in one of those positions. Let’s add that now. Many say that ‘stay’ is implied in the initial command i.e. sit and stay there until I release you. I personally like the added clarity of ‘stay so that both Bozo and I know what’s expected. If […] Read more »