When is Puppy Training Finished? Are We Done Yet?

The big world beckons. Are you and Bozo ready? His immunity is building, his people socialization is excellent, and his dog-to-dog socialization is up to par now that he’s in puppy class. Your wee, wiggly, sweet-smelling puppy is growing up. Doghood is just over the bridge of adolescence. Just as with humans, adolescence is a time of heightened interest in his own kind, a time to focus on what it […] Read more »

Training Your Puppy To Speak & Shush

Dogs bark. It’s not bad. It’s not abnormal. It is what they do. Barking is probably one of the main reason man wanted him close and chose to domesticate him rather than run him off, all those thousands of years ago. “OK, OK, barking is normal but it’s driving me nuts!” Yes, it can and probably will if you don’t learn how to control it. Dog training is nothing more […] Read more »