What to Do When Puppy’s Family Comes Home

Bozo has been home alone all day. The family returns either together or one at a time and Bozo goes bananas. He barks, jumps up, and launches himself at the gate of his confinement area. “Wait! Please wait.” As difficult as it is not to meet his energy with your own high-pitched greeting, especially if there are kids involved, PLEASE DON”T. Right now, today, on your very first homecoming, let’s […] Read more »

Leaving Your Puppy Home Alone

Being home alone is not so bad for Bozo if you set it up well. Dogs are crepuscular … isn’t that a neat word? I had no clue what it meant when I first heard it. Simply: active at dawn and dusk. That’s a helpful thing to know about dogs if you have to leave Bozo. It’s likely he’ll be happy to spend most of the day sleeping. Perhaps on […] Read more »