When is Puppy Training Finished? Are We Done Yet?

The big world beckons. Are you and Bozo ready? His immunity is building, his people socialization is excellent, and his dog-to-dog socialization is up to par now that he’s in puppy class. Your wee, wiggly, sweet-smelling puppy is growing up. Doghood is just over the bridge of adolescence. Just as with humans, adolescence is a time of heightened interest in his own kind, a time to focus on what it […] Read more »

Training Your Puppy Not to Jump On People

I had no idea how selfish I was being when other people’s dogs would jump on me and I’d say, “Oh, that’s OK. I don’t mind.” Wow! How thoughtless and inconsiderate! What about big dogs, small people, wet dogs, muddy dogs, the elderly or fearful people? Is jumping on them OK too? I think NOT! I apologize to anyone whose dog training I interfered with. My love and enthusiasm for […] Read more »