A Great Relationship

It’s just an ordinary grey day in November. No rain yet. My car is stopped, waiting to make the left-hand turn to get to the Community Centre. The oncoming traffic stretches back beyond the mall. There’ll be no turning just yet.

My attention wanders to the sidewalk.

Almost at once I notice a middle-aged woman walking briskly with a ShiTzu- type dog on a leash. Nothing out of the ordinary about that here in this dog-loving town.

What catches my eye is the dog’s attention to his owner. As his short little legs pump steadily along, I notice him looking up at her.Then he does it again. A few seconds later, as they move purposefully along, he looks up again. As far as I can tell, she’s not talking to him. Nevertheless, he continues to look up.

I can make the turn now and when I do, I pull in, roll down my window and say,”That’s amazing!”

She cups her hand to her ear to hear me and I say, “Your dog never takes his eyes off you. Lovely to see.”

“Oh…thank you,” she replies, looking somewhat puzzled.

There’s a car turning behind me. I continue on my way.

A few days later I see the pair again in the same place. I’m late and it’s a poor place to stop. If I ever see them again, though,I will.

“Why?” you ask.

Because watching them is like watching well-practised, connected dancers.Each knows and anticipates the other’s moves.

On my website, in my book and in all the puppy training I do, I always focus on developing a relationship with your dog. That’s why you got a puppy, isn’t it?

For me, this woman and her little dog embody that relationship.

He is attentive to her because he wants to be.

I wonder how she did that?

I bet she followed Zak George’s philosophy of patience, love and respect.

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