Zack’s Buccaneer

My daughter, Lisa , wrote this story about her dog, Buck. Enjoy!



Little Buck

Just One?

“Just one?”

How could we choose just one of the eleven brand-new yellow Lab puppies?

But choose we did, Zack’s Buccaneer – Buck or Bucky Boy for short.

While he grew and learned with his littermates and his mom, Honey, we visited and after what seemed like a very long time, we were able to take Buck, or Mom Puppy, as I affectionately called him, to his new home – our home.

His new world was an exciting place; the great outdoors to explore with his dad, Zack and his kids, Kate and Sam(antha).

Rest time found him asleep on the kitchen floor, his head practically under the burning woodstove.  Each time he got up and moved, I was always surprised not to find a puddle of brains lying where his head had been.

Bedding pillows and his doggy bed were comfortable enough but paled in comparison to the comfort of the bottom bunk. Was the comfort of the bunk enhanced by its being off-limits?

Buck’s brother, Hoover, belonged to my sister who visited frequently. When the two were together, tearing around the house, racing through the garden were favourite games and “who’s got the rubber boot?” provided entertainment for humans and dogs alike. A peanut butter stuffed Kong was amicably (sometimes, at least) shared. And the chickens…I think the chickens dreaded to see them coming. No day would be complete without Buck and Hoover noisily checking on the chickens’ activities.”Too bad about that fence,“ Buck would say to Hoover,every time.

The first winter was the best. First came the never-before-seen white stuff. Then, under the watchful eye of Daddy Zach, the ‘boys’ discovered turnips frozen in the ground. Digging them up was a great game and the turnip snack was satisfactory too.

When summer came, Buck made an exciting new discovery – moles! He hunted them and he caught them. Buck, the hunter. That lovable, pleasant face had us all fooled for a while but kissing Buck came to an abrupt halt once we realized the wildlife that had crossed his lips!

Buck was a good dog.

He missed his dad when Zack crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Rex, his new companion, a former neighbour and nemesis, now shared his home and together they spent several more years exploring the woods at Triple Creek Acres until the family moved to town.

I think Buck’s favourite human was Kate. She spent lots of time brushing him, playing with him and dressing him up. He loved every minute of the attention.

I ‘m sure he had many thoughts of, “Kate’s the Best!”

All in all, a happy and well-spent 15+ years.

We miss you, Buck, but we are so grateful you picked us to be your family.

You were a model of the perfect family dog.

We’re glad you are now free of pain and happily roaming the far side of Rainbow Bridge with Zack, Gus and all your new friends.


Bucky Boy

Kate & Buck


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