“Rover, ‘come’.” Rover, ‘COME’.” “ROVER, COME HERE!”

"Penny, 'come'."

“Penny, ‘come’.”

If your pup doesn’t come when you call, that is not only frustrating but can be life threatening!
It will take time and effort on your part but you can have your dog come to you 90% of the time. Register for my FREE webinar

Tired of cleaning up puppy puddles?

Discover the power of the timer & crate for effective
potty training & no more jumping up, nipping & biting!

"Easy First Steps To Training Your New Puppy"

  • potty train your new puppy in 5 easy steps.
  • understand why a crate is your best friend
  • tips for ending jumping up, nipping & biting

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