Is Your New Puppy Causing Havoc in Your Life?

A new puppy...what fun!

A new puppy…what fun!

So you got a puppy for Christmas, eh? Take these two steps back to sanity!

Here we are a few short days from the arrival of this furry creature and today life returns to ‘normal’. Not for you though, I bet.
It’s only today as you deal with new puppy all on your own without the help and distractive element that your family provided over the holidays that you realize how much work lies ahead if this wee creature is ever to be an acceptable member of your family.
Take heart. It’s not all bleak and dismal. Sure there’s lots of stuff your new puppy needs to know and you need to train him but of you start right away you’ll have a willing student and it will be tons of fun.
I suggest you:
1. Go to and download the free “Easy First Steps to Training Your New Puppy”.

Very basic puppy training

The very basics of puppy training

* You’ll get clear easy-to-follow instructions to get potty training underway…that’s everyone’s #1 priority.
* You’ll learn how to make a crate your puppy’s happy and safe place…makes your life easier, too!
* You’ll learn what to do about that painful puppy nipping and annoying jumping on people.
2. Watch this video to find out how to set up your long term confinement

Here's how to set up the puppy confinement area.

Here’s how to set up the puppy confinement area.

and discover how having this area can help with potty training…no more pee stains on your carpet.
I believe that’s the basics covered!
You do need to start training your puppy right away though, especially if you haven’t begun already.
Get the Puppy training essentials right here.
You’ll find the how-to’s in my Puppy Nanny’s Four Paw Training Pattern.

How to Have Your Dream Dog

$67.00 to get you on your way to Your Dream Dog…

In the 6 downloadable modules you’ll get step-by-step instructions to turn your delightful (and perhaps destructive?) puppy into Your Dream Dog.
If you live on the Sunshine Coast, BC, shoot me an email ( to find out how I can work with your whole family on your puppy training project.

Have Fun!

P.S. We offer Puppy Play Groups on Sunday mornings…fun socialization for you and your pup!

Tired of cleaning up puppy puddles?

Discover the power of the timer & crate for effective
potty training & no more jumping up, nipping & biting!

"Easy First Steps To Training Your New Puppy"

  • potty train your new puppy in 5 easy steps.
  • understand why a crate is your best friend
  • tips for ending jumping up, nipping & biting

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