4 Tips to Have Your Pup ‘Come’ When You Call Him

Young puppies follow you around. It’s super easy to train them to ‘come’ when you call them. If you don’t get started right away though, it becomes a little more challenging when you attempt to train an adolescent or even adult dog to ‘come ‘ when you call. Even the puppies will begin to “blow you off” once they reach adolescence.

No matter the age of your pup, the steps to training him to ‘come’ when you call are the same.

Here’s a 36 minute webinar I did recently that will give you a helpful, easy and effective method of getting your recall  (trainers’ lingo for ‘come when called’) training started or back on track.

Has your pup reached that pesky adolescent phase? I can help with those growing issues:not coming when called,leash pulling,forgetting any and all training…
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Talk to the puppy expert...

Talk to the puppy expert…


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  1. Sharon Mork says:

    Can you help with training a 3 year old SPCA adopt Shih Tzu for an air line travel kennel?

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