The Puppy Nanny’s Guide

Puppy Nanny's Guide To Training Your PuppyThere really isn’t anything like a REAL book… printed words on paper that you can underline, write notes on, and tab important information. Puppy training information right at your fingertips…no searching and scrolling on your computer or device, although the info is there, too, when you’ve got time to sit and have a look.

Keep the book handy where ever you and your pup hang out most often, tab the places you keep going back to and get answers to your questions right in the middle of dinner preparation. Put it beside your reading chair when you and pup are chillin’.

It’s yours! You can make it your very own with notes underlining, questions and tabs.

“The Puppy Nanny’s Guide to Training Your Puppy” is small enough and light enough to put in a  backpack or purse when you go for a walk or travel with pup.  It will even fit in a BIG pocket.

Lots of books have been written about dog training. Did we need another?

Obviously, I thought so. A well-behaved dog is an absolute joy and getting there is more than half the joy!

This tiny know-nothing ball of fur arrives in your home and in the first few weeks of teaching him your ways (that’s what ‘training’ is), you develop a life-long bond with another species. How cool is that?

Because I am totally committed to Ian Dunbar’s lure/ reward training methods and his belief in starting early, I wanted to make the first training steps easy to follow. Thus, the book.

I had stories about dogs that I wanted to tell also…’petraits’, I call them, and I sprinkled them throughout the book just for the love of those dogs.

puppy-training-book-signingYou’ll find I talk a lot about incorporating puppy’s training into your daily activities. Although this requires some retraining for you (so you remember to do it), it is so much easier and more likely to happen than if you had to set aside ‘training time’.

I was inspired to start my website by the woman who designed my business cards. She had had a dream that I would write a book called “32 Steps to a Great Relationship” (I didn’t like the title then and I still don’t, but who am I to argue with a dream?) That’s why my book is called “The Puppy Nanny’s Guide…”) and the way I wrote it was to write the 32 steps for a website and then publish. And that’s what we did. And I do mean ‘we’. I am grateful for the help of my dear friend, Neil Edwards who spent many hours editing and dear designer, Wendy Crumpler who put all those words into a format that could be published.

The most fascinating thing to me about writing these website posts was that each day as I sat down to write, the pen seemed to move of it’s own accord. Was that all my dearly beloved and departed dogs providing me with a ‘download ‘?  It surely felt that way. I remember being so excited to get started each day that I’d jump out of bed in the winter darkness.  What was going to come to me today? 

Writing the posts (the book) was so much fun! It was never a chore or a hardship, so to whomever my muse(s) were, a warm and loving thank you.

You can’t possibly remember everything you will want to teach your puppy. Why not buy my book? Mark it up. Turn down pages. Tab it. Make it your very own. You’ll have a great reference on hand whenever you need it and when your pup is all grown up, you’ll have a dog-eared (pun intended) souvenir of your early days together.

The steps you need to follow are clearly outlined and easy to follow.

Everyone’s biggest concern is potty training. No one likes cleaning up the messes. If you follow the steps I give in my book, you’ll have potty training handled in a few short days.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Puppy Training Guide eBookThe Book

The must-have training guideline for all new puppy owners. A wealth of useful, easy-to-follow training tips. This book will be your go-to puppy training manual.

$14.99 (plus postage & handling)

Puppy Training Guide eBookThe eBook

Want to take the Puppy Nanny with you everywhere? Why not buy the eBook! 




Testimonials for The Puppy Nanny’s Guide!

“The very latest proven techniques, in a warm conversational style – I wish I had this book 16 years ago when my own dogs were pups!”


“The Puppy Nanny’s Guide to Training Your Puppy” is a big book in a little package. Jude LeMoine created a concise, easy to read  book chock full of good advice!” 

“I used Jude’s book to train a 10-week old puppy that was temporarily in my care. The results were fantastic! I had never consciously trained a puppy before and was a little skeptical at first, but Puppy “got it” right away. Jude’s methods are gentle and positive, easy to follow, and best of all they make sense to dogs. Thanks Jude!”


“I have found “the Puppy Nanny’s Guide to Puppy Training’ a really useful reference even tho’ my pup is heading for her 6th birthday.  The reminders to repeat, repeat and then repeat when training helps me be realistic and patient with her. The “Puppy Nanny’s Guide…” was not available when my Sophie was a puppy and I like to think if it had been I would have been a better trainer, certainly more persistent and patient. But I keep “Puppy Training” close by and use it when it’s time to train – we’re still working on “leash”. The book gives me perspective, and practical pointers that I can amend to suit my adult dog.  She’s a spaniel mix and I think she’ll be a teenager for a bunch more years. Rewards for doing what asked, of course; and I continue to give a treats-holder stuffed with kibble or other morsel when I’m leaving her at home.  She can’t wait for me to leave.”


“For the last several dog adoptions I have had rescues, having rescues means that they are very seldom “puppies”, working through the adult dog issues is VERY different than working with a puppy from day one (ok, so day 52).  It’s also a challenge,  now you have the chance to do it the right way, so you don’t end up with a dog with the baggage and issues that the rescues sometimes come with.  After spending time with Jude, the Puppy Nanny, my puppy became very well behaved (ok so her mom wasn’t that well trained just yet) and learned to be easy to get along with, quiet (even though her rescue brother would bark his head off), she is now getting out of her adolescents and is beginning to remember what she learned as a puppy … WAY easier now.  I would recommend the Puppy Nanny for more than just training, she cares about each of her little charges and helps YOU, their person, without making you feel like you are the one that’s really being trained in all of this.”


“Your book was given to me at a time, when I thought the memory of having a puppy and how to instinctually train him would kick in. This not being the case, as our new puppy is a totally different breed with different obedience issues. Refreshing my techniques, I realized was essential. Your book is written with such common sense and very straightforward. It read as though you were in the room instructing me. This book has become a fantastic resource. Thank you!”