Puppy Play Time: Sunshine Coast

puppy-play-group-sunshine-coastHey new puppy owners!
Would you like an hour’s peace & quiet… guaranteed?

Puppy Play Time will leave your puppy so pooped, he’ll need a big nap and you can put your feet up for at least an hour when puppy play time is over.

“Where do I get this magic”, you ask.

I offer supervised play in a fenced, safe and secure space here at The Dog House every week.

Here’s the scoop:


You and your puppy and any other under-16-week-old puppies you may know. Puppies need  to be less than 16 weeks  to join the group.


1668 Sunshine Coast Highway. The Dog House is actually on Highland Road which is directly across from the access to Lower Road just outside Gibsons. We’re on the ‘high‘ side of the highway, first driveway on the right on Highland Road


Sundays from 11:30 a.m.  until 1 p.m.


Off leash playtime. This is not a lesson . We will have you call your puppies to you frequently though.


A tired puppy is a joy to own. You’ll get to have a rest after this hour of play… almost guaranteed.


$10 per drop in. Bring your puppy, a leash, some tiny treats, a camera to capture the antics.

For more information

Call me at (604) 989-6969 or email me here. If you know all you need to know, just come on by.

We’ll be waiting for you.


Jude the Puppy Nanny