In Home Puppy Training

In Home Puppy Training Page 1Your new puppy arrived today!

You understand that it’s important to train your new puppy.

Trying to fit puppy classes in between the kids’ volleyball, soccer, dance classes, and hockey is a huge challenge, not to mention work, school, and play dates.

pup oneHow about if someone who knows how to train puppies came to your house? Would that alleviate some of the scheduling problems?

Would it be helpful to train your new pup right in his own home and yard? That way he learns the behaviours you want in the exact setting you’ll want him to use them… in the kitchen, at the front door, in the TV room.

Help is on the way!

Jude the Puppy Nanny comes to you!


pup twoThe first time you contact me, we’ll talk about how to create  a safe space for your newest family member. Ideally this consultation happens before puppy comes home but…well…life happens.

We’ll also talk about potty training from minute one in puppy’s new home.

By the time I come to your home a day or two after pup arrives, you will already be on the right track.pup three

In the six 1 hour sessions, usually scheduled over a six week period, I’ll coach you  and your family to train your puppy to:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay
  • pup fiveLie down
  • Stand
  • Leave it
  • Walk nicely on a leash
  • Sit and stay at the door (The Greeting Sit)

… And anything else you want him to learn.

Most importantly, we’ll do it all in the comfort and safety of your own home and yard.

If you want help in your home with your new puppy, here’s

What to do:

  • Call Jude the Puppy Nanny 604 989-6969 or email here
  • Tell me what you want and what your training challenges are
  • Agree on the first time you want me to come to your home
  • On the first visit arrange mutually convenient times for the next 5 sessions
  • Pay $335.00 for your 6-session training package
  • If you’re on the Lower Mainland or Bowen Island the 6-session package is $435.

What do I get?

  • An opportunity to talk to a puppy expert
  • 6 x 1-hour in home training sessions
  • A signed copy of “The Puppy Nanny’s Guide to Training Your Puppy”
  • Weekly assigned homework customized just for YOUR puppy
  • 6  x 1  hour off-leash puppy play time sessions on my fenced property
  • Weekly information hand outs
  • And puppy gets a chew toy!


  • You will be more relaxed and less stressed
  • You won’t need babysitters
  • You’ll have fewer scheduling headaches
  • Your whole family will enjoy time together
  • You’ll be happier with your new puppy
  • Best of all… IT’S FUN!

pup seven

Pick up the phone & call Jude at
604 989 6969

Let’s talk puppy!


Just so you know…I refer adult dogs with issues to one of the behaviour modification trainers here on the Coast but if your adolescent dog (18 months or younger) has suddenly forgotten his manners, I am happy to work with you.