How many times today have you thought or said,

            “I wish I’d never agreed to get a puppy!”

Is this how you’re feeling?

If you want to have your Dream Dog, I’ll show you how to train your puppy without yelling, yanking a leash, or tearing your hair out.


 The Four Paws  Pattern to Your Dream Dog!

The Four Paws Pattern to Your Dream Dog!

Wouldn’t it be great if… 

  • Kids’ crying because of puppy’s sharp teeth stopped

    "Drop that, you, you ..."

    “Drop that, you, you …”

  • Your beautiful carpets stayed that way
  • Your furniture continued to have all its arms & legs…unchewed!
  • Visitors entered your home with no concerns
  • You were able to leave your house on time for a meeting or social engagement
  • You weren’t  flying down the street at the end of the leash
  • You never got a call from Animal Control
  • Mealtime conversation was without interruptions
  • Vet visits were pleasant and without embarrassment
  • There were no pee stains on your wood floors
  • The basket of single gloves, socks, slippers, mittens,shoes & boots disappeared
  • You could  sit and enjoy your coffee


I am offering  an online puppy training course containing 6 easily digested, easily used chunks of puppy training.

In each module you get

  • a training webinar
  • step-by-step  print outs
  •  real-life videos
  •  training checklists

I will walk you through each step of your puppy training, just as if I were right there with you. You can do all of this right in the comfort of your own home.

The price? $67.00

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  How would your life change if there were…

  • No more ruined carpets
  • No more chewed furniture
  • No more crying kids… not because of puppy teeth, anyway

    "Oooh, puppy bit me!"

    “Oooh, puppy bit me!”

  • No more toppled visitors
  • No more runaway pup
  • No more being towed down the sidewalk
  • No more interrupted meal times
  • No more embarrassment at the vet office
  • No more delayed departures from home
  • No more pee-stained floors
  • No more single gloves, socks, slippers, shoes or boots
  • No more standing up to drink your coffee

Manageable, bite-sized pieces of puppy  training how-to’s delivered right to your inbox. Plan to do one  a week or more or less…train at a pace that suits you and your puppy. 

Your Dream Dog will emerge week by week as you train and reinforce with a positive, reward-based pattern.



Your puppy will…                        

Your happy family!

Your happy family!

  • Bring joy to your family
  • Help you in getting physically fit
  • Increase your circle of friends and acquaintances
  • Help you discover new places in your community


Here’s how it goes…

In each module…

  • You  watch a training webinar (about 45 minutes). I know you’re busy!
  • You download:
  • A) Your resources page – the how to’s in PDF, audio, video, & slide format
  • B) Your weekly training checklist

A well-behaved pup!


As you progress through the  training modules, you’ll see your puppy  go from a jumping, nipping, house soiling,destruction machine to a pup you’ll be proud to claim as yours.

You’ll be on your way to your Dream Dog.   You have nothing to lose and a happier family to gain! If you’re not satisfied with the Four Paw Training Pattern, you can have your money back…no questions asked

No Questions Asked

No Questions Asked

Follow The Puppy Nanny’s Four Paw Training Pattern  to  Your Dream Dog!

  • Get back your family’s routine
  • End the early morning chaos
  • Relax at the end of day
  • Make mealtimes pleasant again

Get started today!