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pup two

As you can probably imagine, I am always on the lookout for puppies and/or dogs. Sometimes because I want to meet them. Sometimes just to observe.

While waiting to cross the street the other day in St John’s, I noticed a Jeep-type vehicle with two young woman in it and a largish dog between them. They were waiting for the light to change and although I could not hear what the driver might have said to the dog, when she leaned over and kissed him on top of his nose, her action spoke volumes!

I wondered briefly what she might have trained that dog to do and as that thought crossed my mind, came Zak George’s “train them with patience, love & respect”. I loved her immediately for the love of her dog and felt certain that no matter what she had chosen to train her pup to do, he had done it willingly.

{ And to those of you still struggling with the early-day challenges of training a puppy, “Hang in there. It gets easier and every bit of effort you put into training your puppy pays off massively!”}

I walked on feeling all warm and fuzzy inside because I witnessed this tender moment .

A little further along I saw a leashed chocolate Lab coming toward me. Those who know me know that I need no provocation to speak to strangers,especially those with dogs. As they got closer I noticed the dog was wearing a Halti which was causing her some irritation as she kept turning her head to try and get comfortable. The owner & I exchanged pleasantries and then I said, “Her Halti seems to need some adjustment. She’s not happy with it.”

“That’s her fault. She keeps pulling.”

I admit I have never used a Halti. I have seen many of them used though, and my observation leads me to say that if the Halti is fitted properly, it cannot slew around to the side of her face.

My take on dog ownership is that we, the humans, are 100% responsible for their care, comfort and training. If you have chosen to use a tool that is causing the pup/dog discomfort, I believe you have the responsibility to :

  1. choose the correct tool
  2. make the necessary adjustments to make the dog comfortable,
  3. ensure that it fits properly
  4. if none of that works, find another method

I left that encounter feeling irritated and annoyed.

Such a life of contrasts we have chosen to experience here.

The picture of the young woman kissing her beloved dog trumps the Halti-clad Lab!

Puppy training for Maggie

Lily loves Maggie


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