15 Reasons Why I’m Grateful for Dogs!

  They love unconditionally They get us moving. They get us outside no matter the weather They lead us to be creative. They are always ready to comfort They show us how to age gracefully They bear pain stoically They show us how to be compassionate They understand empathy They appreciate food and shelter They tolerate and forgive humans They remind us to laugh They show us how to cry […] Read more »

Our Steffi…Gone to Rainbow Bridge

My vision is that our Steffi, restored to health & vigour, romps at Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps that’s why I always feel more relief than sadness when an old dog who has lived out its life in a loving environment, leaves this planet. Our Steffi slipped away this week lying in comfort on her bed, her people around her. She was 15, give or take. I can’t say exactly how old […] Read more »


    I’m settling into my walking pace having just had a rather unpleasant encounter at a local parcel pick up depot. As I contemplate what I might have done differently, I spy a small white and dark puppy  and realize as I look up at the owner that this is Guinness in the flesh! I had heard of his arrival and anticipated his joining the Sunday Puppy Play Time […] Read more »

Why I Always Cry…A Tale of 6 Dogs

Every time I hear of a dog’s passing I cry. Mostly I can confine it to being teary-eyed but sometimes it takes every ounce of strength I can summon to keep from bursting into great gut-heaving sobs. I have long accepted that this is what happens but as I read an entrepreneur’s story this morning having just sent my letter to Stanley to his folks, I questioned again why I […] Read more »

A Great Relationship

It’s just an ordinary grey day in November. No rain yet. My car is stopped, waiting to make the left-hand turn to get to the Community Centre. The oncoming traffic stretches back beyond the mall. There’ll be no turning just yet. My attention wanders to the sidewalk. Almost at once I notice a middle-aged woman walking briskly with a ShiTzu- type dog on a leash. Nothing out of the ordinary […] Read more »

Jude, the Accidental Farmer

Accidental farmer, huh? My Skype name might better be resistant farmer! How it happened that I came to live on 5 acres of property which now contain, a raspberry u-pick, 5 sheep, 40+ laying hens, a huge vegetable garden which I avoid at all costs, and an aged horse living out his days in the lower pasture, I really cannot say. In other words, “damned if I know”! When my […] Read more »

No Ice Cream Today

No birthday ice cream today, eh, Jack? A small bowl of vanilla ice cream singled out Jack’s special day for 13 birthdays. Just 4 days short of this one, his 14th, he left this planet and crossed Rainbow Bridge. I bet he’d tell me he’d rather play tog-of-war with Gus over there than eat vanilla ice cream here. From the moment I laid eyes on the stocky, confident, 9 week […] Read more »

Zack’s Buccaneer

My daughter, Lisa , wrote this story about her dog, Buck. Enjoy!     “Just one?” How could we choose just one of the eleven brand-new yellow Lab puppies? But choose we did, Zack’s Buccaneer – Buck or Bucky Boy for short. While he grew and learned with his littermates and his mom, Honey, we visited and after what seemed like a very long time, we were able to take […] Read more »

Miss Ella

  Gus was waiting for her when she stepped off Rainbow Bridge. He greeted her, canine fashion, with a good sniff. “Welcome, Ella. Good to see you. You’ll find lots of friends here – Meggie, Bud, Antonio, Molly, Chelsa, Wren, Jamieson, Penny, Gordy and Bart.” The two former Dog House buddies gamboled away to find the others, pain and disability forgotten now. Ella, when she lived on this planet, was […] Read more »

Blue Power Ear Treatment

I am under no delusions about being a “healer”. A long time ago when  Gus’s head shaking was driving both of us nuts and I had exhausted all the remedies I could find, a young animal-knowledgeable woman suggested this treatment. Desperate (and dare I say, desperate to avoid allopathic medicine), I collected the ingredients and began treatment that same day. It’s true what it says, “despite the alcohol”, Gus didn’t mind […] Read more »