“Don’t Wait. Anticipate.” Training Your Puppy to Walk Nicely on a Leash

Definitely don't want this!

You’re still practising leash walking with your puppy in your back yard. 1-2-3-4 steps, change direction. 1-2-3 steps, stop and wait for puppy to ‘sit’. It’s all going well when without warning, puppy bolts to the end of his leash and you find yourself teetering to maintain your balance. Whoa! Then you see the cat now sitting primly atop the fence. That kind of startle is annoying to say the […] Read more »

‘Come’ when I call you… training the recall in 10 steps

"What a clever girl! Good girl, Pepper!"

Recently I stated there are no miracles in dog training! That’s true. The miracle is that puppies/dogs take direction from us at all and learn not only to comply with our requests but to comply willingly. That is amazing! The other half of this amazing inter-species bond is the human who demonstrates the willingness, love and patience to do the work. And who continue to practise the behaviour once it’s […] Read more »

Humans Expect Miracles But Some Things Can’t Be Hurried… Like Puppy Training

"Percy, 'stay'."

“Puppy development hasn’t changed in 100 years.” I’m not sure who said that but given the amount of attention I give to the wisdom and experience of Dr. Ian Dunbar, it may very well have been him. In any event, you can argue the case  if you choose. I can say with conviction and from experience that puppy training is directly aligned with puppy’s stage of development and must proceed […] Read more »

Get Your Puppy To Obey Without Hours of Training

"Lenny, 'stay'."

Do you know that playing games with your puppy is not only fun but also a great way to reinforce the things you’re trying to train him? I’ll give you a couple of games that you can your pup can play alone or if you’ve got a buddy with a dog or puppy, you can make it a fun competition. We play these games here at The Dog House on […] Read more »

“Cute” Just Isn’t Enough! Puppies Grow up.

Puppies are so-o-o-o cute!

    There is no one on the planet more besotted by the smell, the feel and the cuteness of a puppy than I am. Equally there is probably no one who is more easily annoyed by rude dog behaviour than I. Older pups who continue to jump up on everyone… old and young; puppies who at 6 & 7 months are still nipping when someone plays with them; adolescent […] Read more »

“My Puppy Doesn’t Need to Be Socialized…”

It's all NEW!

  “…he plays with my son’s dogs every day.” I had just told this puppy owner about the off-leash puppy play  groups that happen every Sunday here at The Dog House. Her remark was an eye-opener for me. Puppy socialization is misunderstood.  Puppy socialization does NOT mean an opportunity to play with known puppy and dog friends. Puppy socialization does NOT mean visiting or hanging out with known human family, […] Read more »

The Greeting Sit


Training your puppy to ‘sit’ & ‘stay’ is very basic manners and easy to do. However when the excitement of a doorbell, knocking, people entering or leaving your home is added, that ‘sit/stay’ often goes out the door…sometimes with the puppy! Perhaps you already know that dogs don’t generalize the way we humans do (touch a hot stove once and you will recognize potential danger in any stove).  Ian Dunbar […] Read more »