“When Can I Let My Pup Off Leash?”

"Penny, 'come'."

What could be more delightful to watch and in keeping with a dog’s nature than to see him racing around an open space or haring thither and yon on the track of some invisible prey in the woods? Conjures up great pictures, doesn’t it? But is it safe to let your pup run off-leash? Here on the Sunshine Coast, BC there are lots of woodsy trails well-utilized by dogs and […] Read more »

What Happened to My Obedient Puppy?

"Penny, 'come'."

The scenario: You started working with (training)your puppy the day you brought him home at 8 weeks. Over the next couple of months you trained him to ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘stay’, lie ‘down’, ‘stand’ up,’look’ at me and walk nicely on a leash. You and everyone else are impressed with you and your clever pup. One day while romping off leash in a safe area, you call, “Rover, ‘come’.” Rover glances […] Read more »

3 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy This Hallowe’en

Costumes can be scary!

3 tips to keep your dogs happy and safe this Hallowe’en 1.Extra exercise early in the day 2.A quiet space 3.Company Exercise If there are kids in your house or if you live in a kid-filled neighbourhood, Hallowe’en energy can be pretty frenetic. Your pup will be less likely to respond to this energy if he’s had plenty of exercise during the day before the doorbell starts announcing the little […] Read more »

How to Forge a Bond With Your New Puppy

"Penny, 'come'."

You’ve seen them. I know you have…person and dog walking down the street totally in tune with one another; the dog gambolling through the woods who upon hearing,’Come’, speeds off to his person, the dog who sits patiently on the sidewalk while his person has a lengthy chat with a friend… That kind of interaction is hard to imagine right at this moment as you look at the peeing, pooping […] Read more »

Training Puppy Leash Walking…the Payoff!

Strolling in the 'hood!

Keyword #1: training Keyword #2: puppy Keyword #3: leash walking #1 Training The first time you put a collar or harness on your new puppy, it’s very likely he will indicate immediately that he’d like it off. It’s new, it feels funny. In a short while, puppy doesn’t even notice it’s there. The first time you snap a leash on that collar or harness, puppy probably sees it as a […] Read more »

“My Dog Can’t Be Left Alone!”

Happily Home Alone!

Your new puppy probably spends almost no time home alone…at least in his first few weeks with you. That’s great. However,if you don’t get him accustomed early on to being happily on his own, could happen you will have a very unhappy puppy the day you all have to be gone from home. Puppies learn everything easiest and most quickly between birth and 16 weeks of age. That’s the time […] Read more »

Leash Walking Your Pup…Pain? or Pleasure?

Not this!

Are you fed up with being towed down the sidewalk? Have you pulled and prodded a dog who refuses to move? Not at all what you imagined when you decided to get a puppy, huh? Changing your pup’s  behaviour is simple. It will take time and effort on your part though and the best way to change any unacceptable behaviour is by developing a relationship with your pup. You want […] Read more »

The 4 Keys to Success in Training Loose Leash Walking

Loose leash walking takes practice

Patience, persistence, clear communication and love… Following is a little story about patience. Discover all the tips you’ll need to train your new puppy to walk nicely on a leash on my FREE webinar I thought patience was simply about waiting for a desired result or outcome. I  have learned that patience is a lot more than merely waiting. I learned that patience is not passive. I believe that patience […] Read more »