How to Prevent Destructive Puppy Chewing

"Not my slipper!"

Puppies chew. Dogs like to chew.  Humans don’t.  Is that why we  get so angry when we find our favourite pair of sandals in tatters? Or a new pair of hiking boots with gnawed tops? I often say to new puppy clients with children, “Your puppy will teach your kids to put their things away faster than anything else I know!” Puppies explore with their mouths; their noses are super […] Read more »

Prevention Trumps Fixes…train your puppy early

"Nooo... don't leave me!"

  Would you rather prevent or fix? Prevention trumps fixes every time! Puppies are so darn cute! If they will be small dogs fully grown, somehow that seems reason enough not to train them to do anything…including potty outdoors. Funny though how the cleaning up of tiny piles of poop becomes tiresome over time and the small yellow spots on your carpet eventually become an eyesore. I haven’t ‘got it […] Read more »

Puppies, Pools & Pupsicles

Ahhh...feels good!

Puppies, Pools & Pupsicles…beat the heat! from Jude LeMoine   I wonder if dogs enjoy summer as much as we do?  We anticipate summer holidays, travel, perhaps, time at the beach, cooling in a pool, longer days, more visitors…the halcyon days of   summer. This year the little yellow balls that show up in my online forecast  have not been much interrupted by those grey puffy shapes. Both sunshine and […] Read more »

4 Reasons Why Puppies Need Toys

Frisbee™, squeaky toy, ball, stuffable chew toys & tug toys all have their uses

1.Toys provide mental stimulation 2.Toys can calm and settle 3.Toys can enhance training 4.Toys can build the human/dog bond I remember when dog toys were limited to balls, squeaky rubber toys and maybe a Frisbee™. Visit any pet supply store on the ground or online today and prepare to be overwhelmed with the vast variety of toys designed just for our furry companions. Is this just crazy? Perhaps, but many […] Read more »

“Don’t Wait. Anticipate.” Training Your Puppy to Walk Nicely on a Leash

Definitely don't want this!

You’re still practising leash walking with your puppy in your back yard. 1-2-3-4 steps, change direction. 1-2-3 steps, stop and wait for puppy to ‘sit’. It’s all going well when without warning, puppy bolts to the end of his leash and you find yourself teetering to maintain your balance. Whoa! Then you see the cat now sitting primly atop the fence. That kind of startle is annoying to say the […] Read more »

‘Come’ when I call you… training the recall in 10 steps

"What a clever girl! Good girl, Pepper!"

Recently I stated there are no miracles in dog training! That’s true. The miracle is that puppies/dogs take direction from us at all and learn not only to comply with our requests but to comply willingly. That is amazing! The other half of this amazing inter-species bond is the human who demonstrates the willingness, love and patience to do the work. And who continue to practise the behaviour once it’s […] Read more »

Humans Expect Miracles But Some Things Can’t Be Hurried… Like Puppy Training

"Percy, 'stay'."

“Puppy development hasn’t changed in 100 years.” I’m not sure who said that but given the amount of attention I give to the wisdom and experience of Dr. Ian Dunbar, it may very well have been him. In any event, you can argue the case  if you choose. I can say with conviction and from experience that puppy training is directly aligned with puppy’s stage of development and must proceed […] Read more »