How to Train Your Puppy to ‘Look’ at You

"Jack, 'look'!"

  Keeping your puppy focused on you is a wonderful thing when you want him to ignore something or somebody. Further, once your puppy knows to look at you when he hears the word ‘look’ (or ‘watch’), you will be able to communicate with him clearly and directly. What better way to build that great relationship that we see in Dream Dogs! Here’s how to train your puppy to ‘look’: […] Read more »

Why Early Puppy Socialization Matters

Your New Family Member

Socialization…the solution to many puppy challenges from Jude LeMoine   Before you got your puppy, you imagined how it would be when he grew up and the two of you went everywhere together…on walks, to the dog park, hiking with friends, road trips, visiting family, hanging out with other dog owners. That’s just how it would be. It didn’t occur to you that you’d have a dog who was aggressively […] Read more »

Your Purring Puppy…Huh?

JJ loves his belly rub

My dog won’t let us cut his toenails. My dog hates to be brushed. My dog refuses to take pills. My dog won’t let me near his ears. If this is your dog, it’s not to late to start changing your dog’s reaction to any of those things.  It will take longer and you’ll need tons of patience. Start small, take tiny steps and you will get there. If you […] Read more »

Train Your Puppy to ‘Follow’ You

Stuck to you like velcro...yay!

A new puppy is like velcro…staying close to you as you move around. Perfect! That’s just want you want to encourage. Do watch out underfoot though; you don’t want to trip over this tiny bundle on the floor. You don’t need to be reminded, do you, that puppy’s living space in these early days in your home is limited to his confinement area and the kitchen? He ‘earns the right’ […] Read more »

Train Your New Puppy to ‘Leave it’

Puppies jump up! That's normal for them.

Puppies jump up and nip. That’s normal for them. We humans object, especially if they’re jumping on children, nipping them or knocking them down. Puppy has to learn that his human family is different. Jumping up is not OK; neither is nipping. How will we teach him ? Now that potty training is pretty much under control (although vigilance is still key), your puppy can ‘sit’ when you ask and […] Read more »

How to Train Your Puppy to ‘Sit and Stay’

Training your puppy to 'sit'

    Training your puppy to ‘sit’ is probably the easiest thing you can teach him to do and surely one of the most useful. ‘Sit’ is the basis of all other training. Using the Show & Tell 4 Step Pattern,today we will train your puppy to ‘sit’ and to briefly ‘stay’. In my last blog, we created a pattern for potty training. Can you see progress now, a week […] Read more »

Puppy Is Here. Yay!

Puppy comes home. Yay!

The car is parked. Your new life with your brand new puppy is about to begin. Sit for a moment. Take a deep breath and review how the next few minutes need to go. The pattern you establish  right now  is important. Ready? Check your pockets to ensure you have tiny treats Open the crate Snap on the leash Put pup on the ground Hurry to the pre-selected potty area. […] Read more »

Puppy Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Here's how to set up the puppy confinement area.

Your puppy arrives next week! All puppy decisions have been made: The PIC has been chosen, there’s an empty crate taking up space in your living room,you’ve bought chew toys,food,a leash and collar,a bed… All the pieces have been assembled. Now what? Let’s create a safe, secure special area for this new puppy…a space where he can see and be seen, he can play and nap. A place where puppy […] Read more »

The Decision…Choosing a Puppy

Puppy comes home. Yay!

                                                                                              The 5 W’s What kind of puppy will you get? You want a puppy that fits it with your family’s lifestyle. No matter […] Read more »

A New Puppy… The Very Beginning

A brand new puppy!

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…” Maria sings in “The Sound of Music” And the very beginning is when you decide to get a puppy. You and your family have discussed the possibilities of an adult dog or older pup adoption  at the local shelter, you’ve considered an senior from the SPCA, you’ve looked at rescue sites for specific breeds and now you have […] Read more »