A Few More Observations In Managing Hip Dysplasia

Is it time for walkies yet?

My brother,Peter,has a Newf with hip dysplasia. He has done a great deal of research on the subject and has shared his findings here on my site. Here are the links to his previous posts: 1)  Canine hip dysplasia. What to do? 2) Canine hip dysplasia… chapter 2 3) More talk about canine hip dysplasia It has been some time since I last wrote about our experiences and challenges in […] Read more »

You Can Still Have Your Lattes Even After Puppy Comes…

…if you plan ahead for your puppy.No planning ahead may see you giving up your much-loved daily latte to buy puppy food.   No one really wants to think about, much less talk about, the BIG ‘F’… the FINANCIAL implications of adding a puppy to your family. Here are a few expected things to consider: the cost of the puppy veterinary costs equipment food toys training pet insurance the unexpected […] Read more »

“My Puppy Doesn’t Come When She’s Called If She’s Been Bad.”

"Guinness, 'look'!"

This was said to me recently by a well-intentioned new puppy owner. I guess she noticed the astonished look on my face when I said, “Of course she doesn’t. If you need to reprimand or chastise your puppy, it’s up to you to go to her.” Then I asked her to imagine (or remember) her own reaction when she had transgressed in some teen age way and her Mother called […] Read more »

“I Love My Dog”…Beyond Words

Puppy training for Maggie

    As you can probably imagine, I am always on the lookout for puppies and/or dogs. Sometimes because I want to meet them. Sometimes just to observe. While waiting to cross the street the other day in St John’s, I noticed a Jeep-type vehicle with two young woman in it and a largish dog between them. They were waiting for the light to change and although I could not […] Read more »

More Talk About Hip Dysplasia…

Just last week I received the following email from the owner of  a young Newfoundland ( or as we affectionately call them ‘Newfs’), who is in a quandary as to the best course to follow to deal with this debilitating issue in one so young. Here’s what she wrote: Hi I was reading your artical on the brace for hip dysplasia, I have a 8 month old newf that has […] Read more »

Train Your Puppy While He’s Young…Very Young!

JJ loves his belly rub

While strolling through the Farmers’ Market in Sechelt recently, I ran across a young woman whose family got a new puppy about a year ago. “I’ve been thinking about you,”she said. “Every time I look at JJ, I think what a good boy he is. I am so glad we all worked with you when he was a puppy.” Music to my ears? You bet it was! Like many dads, Dad […] Read more »

Watch Your Puppy!

If there’s anything more fun than a puppy, it’s two puppies! And even more fun than that is a whole passel of puppies. Watching their rough and tumble antics, their play bows, the grabbing of neck skin, tails,and ears and the growly sounds they make as they roll around, for me, is pure pleasure. I get to watch this every Sunday morning in the puppy play group that I host. […] Read more »

Distractions…the third element of training

Recently I wrote about training your pup to ‘sit’ as the default command for everything…jumping up, going through a door, waiting for dinner, putting on and taking off collar… in short, everything. I also mentioned then about the three elements of training being: 1. duration, 2. distance 3. distraction. Later I posted Ian Dunbar’s ‘distance sit’ videos which I think illustrate the concept so much better than words ever could. […] Read more »