Drop That!

    Leave it!  Gimme that!  No!  “Oh You…!”  Get down! Supposing I were to tell you that the simple task of training your puppy to do all of the above could be accomplished by training him to understand that the word ’off’ means all of those things? Would that save you frustration and stop your yelling at the small creature who doesn’t speak English? OK, then. Let’s train your [...] Read more »

Train Your Puppy To Stay on Your Property

“How do I keep my puppy on my property? My yard isn’t fenced.” Teaching a puppy anything is easy using the lure/reward method. That is using the lure to indicate the required action and rewarding the pup when he complies. We start with using food and within 12 – 20 repetitions we switch to a toy or activity. The preliminary step to boundary training is a solid sit/stay. You will [...] Read more »

Puppies Bite

“Puppies bite and thank goodness they do.” That’s a quote from Dr. Ian Dunbar and one that initially puzzles people. Biting is normal dog behaviour. Our human job in the early weeks of owning a puppy is to teach him what he can and cannot bite. I give every new puppy I work with a stuffable rubber chewtoy such as a Kong™ to assist in teaching him what he can [...] Read more »

Training Your Puppy to Come Every Time

Training your puppy to “come” when you ask is not simply an issue of obedience. It can also be a matter of safety and certainly it is a big part of good manners in a variety of circumstances. Certainly if you and your dog frequent off-leash dog parks, walk on off-leash trails or in the woods, you will want her to come when you call her either to go home [...] Read more »

Training Puppies to Like, Accept, Tolerate, Everything!

Training your puppy to like everything… people, big and little, old and young and all manner of things…bikes, skateboards, vacuum cleaners, big trucks, coffee grinders, mixers, hats, big bags, masks, big dogs, tiny dogs, umbrellas and hats is not really ‘training’. It is exposure. It’s super important that you begin immediately – as soon as you bring your puppy home. The learning window in puppies that is wide open at birth [...] Read more »

How to Train Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash

Start training your puppy to walk on a leash as soon as you get him home.  You don’t need a leash to begin… in fact, I recommend you simply teach him to follow you off leash. You will need a leash, of course, within the week, if you haven’t already got one. Retractable leashes are fine for a walk with an already leash-trained dog, but for training purposes, you need [...] Read more »

Why Training Puppies is Important

Do we really need to bother training puppies? If we just love them, they’ll grow up to be “good dogs”, won’t they? The truth is we’re training puppies whether we mean to or not. Puppies, and later, dogs, read our body language and actions extremely well and they do it all the time. That’s the canine method of communication. If you haven’t said a word and your dog goes into [...] Read more »

The Easy Way to Crate Train Your Puppy

Puppy crate training is easy especially if you begin training your puppy the day you bring him home. Buy a crate big enough to allow puppy to lie down, stand and turn around inside it, but not so big she will be inclined to use it as her toilet (Dogs do not like to toilet in a small living space.) If your puppy will grow to be a big dog, [...] Read more »

Your Pup’s Safe Place…How to Crate Train Puppies

Crate training puppies is as easy as 1—2—3… 1) Buy a crate 2) Put puppy in crate 3) Shut the crate door That’s it, right? I sincerely hope NOT! Puppy crate training is easy. Buying a crate is Step One. Let’s start there. The crate needs to be big enough for puppy to stand up and turn around in but not so big that he’ll be inclined to use it [...] Read more »

Easy Steps to House Training a Puppy

It used to be that puppy training was a haphazard affair until puppies reached five or six months of age. In fact, from time to time, I still hear that theory promoted. New puppy owners grumbled about in-house accidents but accepted them as part of bringing home a new puppy. About thirty years ago, Dr. Ian Dunbar  ( his website is: http://www.dogstardaily.com/ )developed new ideas and methods of training puppies. [...] Read more »