About Jude

jude-the-puppy-nannyAlthough I didn’t realize its importance at the time, I spent the summer of my 8th year with 10 Boxer pups in a neighbour’s yard. There wasn’t much joy in my childhood, as I recall…lots of privilege, not much joy… and having no one bother me as I sat in the dirt for hours with these delightful creatures, was hugely therapeutic and a time of joy for me. I’ve had dogs all my life and I love them all…mine, yours, & everybody’s.

Jude, the Early Puppy Nanny

Jude, the Early Puppy Nanny

I’ve spent my working life in some sort of service business which probably indicates how much I enjoy people. After I had retired… yet again… the urge to ‘do’ something came over me, probably precipitated by my guides having told me in a psychic reading that I ought to be in business.

“Okay, so what business? “I thought.

Dogs seemed to be the answer and upon the advice of a friend, I went to a 3 day Seminar where Dr. Ian Dunbar, a pioneer in promoting early puppyhood training (some 35 years ago), lit the puppy fire under me when he said “The #1 cause of premature death in dogs in North America is misbehavior.”

“What a shame! How unnecessary!” I thought.

Ian Dunbar’s comment called me to help create well-behaved dogs beginning with puppies. I don’t deal with behavior problems. I leave that to others. In fact, I sometimes call myself “your problem-prevention puppy trainer”.

By this time I had added 4 years of co-owning an in –home dog daycare and boarding to my extensive dog knowledge. I did more training to formalize what I already intuitively knew about dogs, decided then I didn’t want to teach classes probably because I know how much I enjoy one-on-one interactions.

Old Jack, Mom's Boy

Old Jack, Mom’s Boy

I believe that we attract to us what we think about and I have learned (for the most part) to exercise discipline over my thoughts and keep them upbeat and positive. At the same time, I have stopped striving and tend to be better able to go with the flow (there are days though, I will admit!) I think I eventually realized that the most important thing in my life is my family and my most important job has been being a Mom. In fact, I said just this week that I think my designation will be Jude LeMoine, MOM. I am not only a Mother of 3 very adult daughters (oldest turns 50 in 2013) but grandma to 5 grand daughters (3 of whom I live with) and great grandma to a 2-year-old great grandson.

One of my granddaughters calls me  “the manners police”. Is it any wonder that I decided on teaching puppy manners?

Gus, the Movie Star

Gus, the Movie Star

I moved in with my daughter and her family here on The Sunshine Coast BC. In addition to an in-home dog daycare and boarding facility, there are other ’critters’ and hobby farm operations on our 5 acres. Read more about my life as an “Accidental Farmer”…

Honesty, dependability, caring and an honest attempt to be non-judgmental are core values for me as well as an intrinsic belief in the power of laughter and humour.

I was inspired to start this site by the woman who designed my business cards. She had had a dream that I would write a book called “32 Steps to a Great Relationship” (I didn’t like the title then and I still don’t which is why my book is called “The Puppy Nanny’s Guide…”) and the way I’d do it was to write the 32 steps for a website and then we’d publish. And that’s what we did.

What thrills me most about what I do is working with families and their new puppies and seeing the training and homework I give them come to life in this new-to-the-planet creature. (Did I mention I adore puppies?)